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Filthy Dirty Body Safe Promise

Filthy Dirty prides itself on stocking the highest quality sensual products on the market, and we solely retail products that we deem as body safe. Namely, products that are hypoallergenic, nonporous, made of premium grade, medical grade or food grade materials and are safe for intimate use.

What is Body Safe?

Body safe items are free of harmful compounds such as phthalates and parabens. We exclusively sell items made from high quality silicone (most often pure or medical grade), glass, steel, nonporous stone and hard acrylic plastics (also medical grade) from trusted brands.

The retail pleasure industry flourishes with millions of people each year around the globe seeking to be more deeply connected with their partners and themselves. Unfortunately, that market goes largely unregulated. We want you to be able shop without any concerns and at your convenience.

Pinky Swear

Every product available at Filthy Dirty is something we would use ourselves or recommend to loved ones. You can be confident that each item you find in our boutique is carefully vetted. We call it functional luxury.