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About Us

Filthy Dirty is an online boutique specializing in the finest sensual products available. Each and every item offered is handpicked with a modern, discerning customer in mind.


Our comprehensive - yet edited - collection of sex toys, erotic gifts and accessories is designed to engage a variety of desires and lend a hand in creating deeper connections. Filthy Dirty proudly, and exclusively, stocks products with thoughtful design, premium grade materials or ingredients, attractive aesthetics and quality packaging. The aim is to inspire you to have a more connected, creative and luxurious sex life.

Health & Wellness

Your well-being is important to us, which is why we have a no phthalates or parabens policy with our stock. We call it the Filthy Dirty Body Safe Promise. Our products reach sensitive places, and that's the very reason we only carry items of the very best quality meeting strict safety standards.

Our product assortment combined with our blog The Backroom, has a modern and passionate point of view. Our founder, and the entire Filthy Dirty team, believes sexual fulfillment is just as basic of a need as air, food, shelter and water. Allow Filthy Dirty's research to introduce you to the foremost sexual wellness items available.

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